Man breaks into home, steals wedding ring and hunting rifle


CONWAY, Ark.- A family home burglarized in Conway, leaving the owners and neighbors feeling unsafe.

The family has security cameras and an alarm system but police were not able to catch the thief in the act.

The owners estimate around 10,000 dollars worth of stuff was taken in less than five minutes.

While at work, Kel Clarke was taking care of a patient when he started getting alerts on his phone. Those alerts were coming from his home security system notifying him someone was ringing the doorbell.

The notifications kept buzzing Clarke’s phone when the man broke in.

“He kicked the door in,” said Kel Clarke, Homeowner.

While watching the video back, Clarke said he knew the man was going to break in after he looked up and down the street then opened the glass door.

“As soon as he did that I said ‘oh no he’s about to break into my house,'” said Clarke.

Here are pictures from the security cameras.

Clarke says the car is a Buick Rainer. It’s silver with red door handles, a red side-view mirror (on the driver side) and a red front bumper (on driver side).

Clarke called the police who went over to investigate but Clarke himself hasn’t even been home yet to see what else was missing.

“It couldn’t happen at a more worse time, my son is in the hospital here in Little Rock,” said Clarke.

His son, six-month-old Kyelo was in the ER and doctors suspected he may have been fighting a possible infection and pneumonia.

So while taking care of his son, he now has to worry about his home too.

“The master bedroom appeared to have all the drawers open, the mattress was pushed to the side and there were boxes on the floor,” said Clarke.

Clarke says an iPhone, apple watch, engagement ring and wedding band were stolen along with a brand new hunting rifle.

“I love to hunt like I said I was preparing to use that gun this upcoming week,” said Clarke.

Even though its just two days before modern gun season, he’s more upset about the sentimental items.

“The wedding ring was definitely more valuable, obviously a lot more sentimental. I can buy a rifle just like the one I had but I don’t know if I can buy another ring like the one she had,” said Clarke.

Clarke says his family’s safety is his number one priority.

“Him and my family’s safety is my biggest concern and when I get home I can take care of the door and we can get all that patched up and repaired. You know, Ill forget about the rifle but I won’t forget about my home being broken into,” said Clarke.

The Clarke’s already have a top of the line security system with several cameras however they still plan on making some improvements.

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