LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A Little Rock liquor store is taking extreme measures to stop a robber from targetting the place of business.

The Markham Street Liquor Store has been robbed six times by the same person just this month.

The managers say the man is fast and calculated which is why he is hard to catch.

On any given day, there are four people working at the store. Two behind the counter and two on the floor, watching people and stocking shelves.

However, even with employees walking around the store, the robber is able to make a quick escape.

“A guy who comes in at different times, just comes in the door acting like he’s shopping picks up three of the biggest bottles you can find in a liquor store, most expensive and runs out of the door,” said Vishal Patel, Manager.

Vishal Patel and Parul Modi are managers at the business, they say each time this man has come in, he leaves with around 150 dollars worth of unpaid liquor.

“I think he got away twice so he wanted to keep on doing it,” said Patel.

“It’s really bad for my business you know,” said Parul Modi, Manager.

He’s become a repeat customer on the store’s 24 security cameras.

The first time the liquor looter came into the store was three weeks ago, he showed up again one week later.

“So we started being a little extra careful,” said Patel.

He ran in and ran out with booze last Friday as well as the next day.

After the fourth hit, his picture was posted on the front door with a note reading, “Thief stay away.”

“So I thought after Saturday he was not going to come in, he won’t have the guts to come inside,” said Patel.

The store was closed on Sunday but this grab-and-go bandit was back again on Monday and Tuesday.

Patel says it takes 17 seconds to get from behind the counter to the front door and by then the thief is already gone.

“Yesterday when he came in, it took him 7 seconds to grab the bottle and run out,” said Patel.

I asked Modi what she would say to the man if he came to the business again on Wednesday night, she said, “I wouldn’t tell him anything but I would hit him!”

Patel says they have called police on more than one occasion but by the time police arrived, the thief was long gone.

Now the business is trying to get his picture out in hopes of identifying the man.

The managers are also upping their security. Which includes having someone standing by the door at all times.