Marijuana vending machine company sues AR Family Council

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – The company that produces medical marijuana vending machines sued Family Council Action Committee and Jerry Cox on Friday for defamation, negligence and trademark violations related to a press conference earlier this week.

Medicine Dispensing Systems Inc and Kind Clinics LLC also filed a motion for a temporary restraining order Friday in federal court in the Eastern District of Arkansas.

Attorneys for the “Medbox” machines say statements made by Cox during a Tuesday press conference “damage the reputation of the Plaintiffs and are falsely derogatory.”

The 16-page suit also alleges that Family Council Action Committee altered the Medbox product by displaying a prop of a machine with a marijuana leaf depicted on the bottom.

“Defendants’ false statements, altering the appearance of Plaintiff’s product and displaying it at the news conference at the Arkansas State Capitol irreparably harmed Plaintiff.”

Issue 5 is the medicinal marijuana ballot initiative currently before voters on November 6th.

If approved, Arkansas would be the first southern state and 18th overall to approve the use medicinal marijuana.

Cox did not immediately return a call seeking comment.
“A lawsuit has been filed against us by a company in California,” Cox said. “We have no response to the specific allegations in the lawsuit itself. The matter has been referred to our attorney.”

Cox went on to say, “Family Council Action Committee has taken a stand for what’s right for many years. The people of Arkansas are well aware of that, and most appreciate it. However, not everyone agrees with us. When you operate in the arena we do, lawsuits can and will be filed against you.

“This is a national issue. People from all over the country are watching to see what Arkansas does. We addressed the broad issue of marijuana and vending machines.

“This does not change any of the problems with the measure. Issue 5 is still a backdoor effort to legalize marijuana in Arkansas.”

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