Marriage Rally at the Capitol Ahead of AR Supreme Court Hearing

LITTLE ROCK, AR – More than one-hundred demonstrated on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol on Wednesday, a day before justices with the Arkansas Supreme Court hear arguments on the state’s marriage amendment.

It was designed as a rally by supporters of so-called traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

“I call on the Arkansas Supreme Court to stand with the people and honor their vote,” says Josh Duggar.

But supporters of same-sex marriage, were sharing the capitol steps too.

“I think that this just isn’t a Little Rock or Arkansas thing, this is across the U.S. all the time,” says Jessica Sorg.

She’s right, same-sex marriage rights are rapidly evolving.

When 2013 started, it was legal in only 10 states.

By last May, 15 states.

That’s when a Pulaski County judge threw out Amendment 83 of the State Constitution that opened the door to more than 400 same-sex couples to marry, until the Arkansas Supreme Court hit the pause button.

“Almost every court to consider the issue has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and stricken the same sex marriage bans. Since May we’ve had several more courts go that direction,” says Josh Silverstein.

So now 33 states have legal same-sex marriage, with five others, including Arkansas on appeal, waiting for a high court final decision.

“Why did we vote if our vote doesn’t count?” asks Jerry Cox.

Most of those rallying on Wednesday afternoon want the State Supreme Court to follow the will of Arkansas voters, who passed the state’s marriage amendment overwhelmingly 10 years ago.

“God made one man, one woman, we have to stand by that,” says C.A. Coleman.

As more courts stand with ending same-sex marriage bans,

“Truly it doesn’t really matter what someone is doing in their homes that shouldn’t affect laws or how we govern our state. What’s behind closed doors is behind closed doors,” says Jessica Sorg.

And to show how dynamic this is , Montana became the latest state to legalize same-sex marriage after a federal court ruling there late this afternoon.

Josh Silverstein from UALR Bowen Law School says if the State Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping Arkansas’ Marriage Amendment, it could increase the likelihood of the U.S. Supreme Court picking up the case and settling the gay marriage issue for the entire country.

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