“Let me show you something, this is what we dealt with Saturday night,” said Captain Jim Hansard with Maumelle Police.

Hansard showed us the chaos lining the streets of a Maumelle neighborhood Saturday night.

Hundreds of parked cars up and down the 100 block of Cherokee, with drivers and passengers, attending the ‘Mansion Party in Maumelle.’

“It’s been the site of several but much smaller scale events,” added Captain Hansard.

Flyers circulated around social media with all details including the cover charge.

“We’re not going to tolerate all this activity in a tranquil neighborhood its not appropriate,” said Captain Hansard.

Maumelle Police were called by a neighbor complaining of noise, and believing there to be a riot. Officers said at least 100 cars were wrapped around the neighborhood streets. All of those drivers, police said, were at Jeffrey Parker’s house.

“There was no party no admission, no BYOB, so that got canceled,” said Parker.

He argued he had only invited a few friends, via text.

“There a couple hundred cars that came that weren’t invited a party bus showed up with 50-60 people that weren’t invited,” said Parker.

It took police just about an hour to clear out the party-goers.

The main reason for concern, “They (officers) couldn’t negotiate the street and so that’s a problem if there is any emergency event down there.”

Police now plan to be on the lookout for these house parties popping up on social media, so another neighborhood doesn’t look like this one again.