Mayflower Homes Torn Down 5+ Years after Oil Spill


MAYFLOWER, Ark.– Crews started Monday tearing down 2 vacant homes in the Northwoods subdivision in Mayflower.

Exxon Mobil representatives were at the site during the demolitions Monday.

The two homes are on properties that sit on an oil pipeline’s easement.

In March of 2013 that section of the pipe burst spilling more than a 100,000 gallons of crude oil out into the neighborhood.

A letter to neighbors dated August 2018 read the tear downs are part of the continued remediation of the neighborhood.

Michelle Ward continued to raise her family in the neighborhood after the spill.

Now this new destruction brought up new questions for her.

She said, “Well I really think the main thing is if all of our government agencies cleared this land safe to live for us [sic] and everything on it, then it just makes you wonder ‘Why are we tearing these down 5 years later?'”

An Exxon spokesperson told us the first focus was to make sure neighbors were safe and to remediate the effects of the spill.

A letter address to neighbors explained the demolitions are part of the remediation of the neighborhood.

If all goes as planned crews should finish the tear downs Tuesday.

Exxon then plans to add trees to that area.

We learned Exxon Mobil no longer owns the pipeline.

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