McClellan students involved in video placed on emergency removal, sanctioned by district

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — The video has everyone talking.  It shows ninth grade math students ditching learning about formulas and equations.  Instead, a girl grinds and gyrates on another girl and a boy, and it’s all recorded by Michelle Brason’s son on his cell phone.

“I’m a concerned parent and I brought this to their attention,” said Brason.

After Brason didn’t get an immediate response from the principal, she gave the video to us.  The principal has placed her son, along with the other students involved, on emergency removal or sanctioned.  Superintendent Holmes now has to review the case.

District spokeswoman Pamela Smith said this is not a suspension.

“I tell him, hold your head up, don’t worry about this because I will fight it all the way if I have to,” said Brason.

“Do you regret bringing this video to light?” I asked.

“Not at all. I really do not. I’d do it again if I have to until something is done about this,” Brason said.

Brason hopes this will ensure all McClellan students are in a learning environment. 

“What parent wants their child and they’re having this stuff done, this kind of behavior done at school? I don’t think any concerned parent would want that for their child.”

The substitute teacher can’t return to any school in the district pending the outcome of this investigation.

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