McRae Police sends warning after surprising traffic stop 


MCRAE, Ark. – A police department in a small Arkansas community is sending a warning after a strange traffic stop. It happened in the White County Town of McRae. 

There are just about 700 people that call McRae home. Lt. Danny Spears is the acting police chief. He’s sending a safety warning after a recent traffic stop.

“Things can happen whenever you think they can’t. Even in a small town even with the police force being four people,”  Lt. Spears said. 

Last Saturday night, one of his officers was patrolling near Wilson street. When he noticed a small car driving around without its lights on.

“When he stopped the vehicle the tags did not come back to the small car they were driving. It actually came back to a truck.” 

He says the officer found out the people inside were registered sex offenders from Little Rock and Pulaski County. The officer searched the car and found a few items he thought were odd.

“He did find several pictures of juvenile girls and a picture of a 30-year-old,”  Lt. Spears said. “A little more alarming. He did find some underwear. Lingerie.” 

The two weren’t immediately taken into custody, but it is an open investigation. He doesn’t believe there are any crime victims in McRae, but says it’s a good warning to community members that anyone can be anywhere.

“This here is ridiculous. I never dreamed something like that would happen,” Paul Hughes, who lives in McRae said. 

There aren’t any charges filed yet.

The police chief says they are still working on the case and plan to send the file to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

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