Medical equipment


The key to moving medical equipment is organization. You may wish to consider the following basic steps to help make your move as easy as possible. * If possible, medical equipment should be packed in the original cartons. If not, each item should be packed separately. * Code wiring with tape for easier reinstallation. * In hot or cold weather, allow equipment to return to room temperature before turning it on. * When moving a computer, ‘park’ the hard disk using the program often included on the diagnostic diskette. To protect a floppy disk drive, put in an old or blank disk and close the drive. * For all medical equipment, be sure to check the owner’s manual for special moving instructions. * Because of the high value of medical equipment, make sure to declare its full value in the portion of your moving agreement called the ‘declaration of specific amount.’ This must be done before in writing. It will be especially necessary to do this if you obtain additional liability protection from the mover. Check with your local moving company for more information about moving medical equipment.

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