Memorial Cross Vandalized In North Little Rock

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — Insult added to injury for the mother of a Central Arkansas murder victim.

A cross stands at an intersection in North Little Rock, it’s there to remember a  man murdered in July, but lately it’s been torn up and knocked over.

Michael Cook was murdered on Campbell Road in North Little Rock. To honor him, family members put up a cross in the very spot police found his body.

But in the past two months, vandals have destroyed the cross four times. And upon meeting us for an interview today, again the family found the cross damaged for a fifth time. Parts of the memorial were found scattered in a nearby ditch.

The victim’s aunt, Melanie McCann, said, “And now it’s just a piece of stick sticking up from the ground.”

His mother, Virginia Ghere, said, “It makes it seem like somebody is out for revenge.”

Since the cross is on public property, police say there’s not much they can do, but every time it’s been damaged, Cook’s mom and aunt pick up the pieces and put the memorial back together again.

McCann said, “Each time it gets knocked down, we’re going to put it back up.”

The two have no idea who keeps knocking over the cross, but they say the heartless act will not damage their faith and belief that justice will be served.

Robert Harris is charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery in the death of Cook. His trial is expected to begin early next year.

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