MAUMELLE, Ark. — A Central Arkansas community is rallying together to help the family of a construction worker killed by a lightning strike.

It’s been almost a month since 27-year-old Tyler Grisham was killed when the tree he was standing under was struck by lightning. Tyler had been on a job site for RedStone Construction off Coronado Cove in Maumelle doing contract work on a water main project.

Friends and family are organizing a memorial golf tournament to both benefit Tyler’s wife and daughters, as well as raise awareness of the dangers of lightning.

“No one else should have to lose a daddy or a husband,” said Tyler’s wife Shawna-Leigh Grisham.

Shawna-Leigh now carries a piece of Tyler with her everywhere, a bracelet engraved with the last text her husband sent before going to work the morning of the accident.

“It says, ‘I love you so much, always. I mean, always. Remember that,'” Shawna-Leigh read off.

Hours later came the call that shattered her world.

“There’s been an accident. Your husband has been hit by lightning, he doesn’t have a pulse,” she recalled.

The Maumelle job site sits empty. Crews finished the water main work Tyler was doing, but his wife can’t stop wondering what would have happened if work had been called off when the storm rolled in last month.

“You don’t need to be wrapping up, get in a truck and make sure your men are safe,” Shawna-Leigh said.

It’s that awareness family her father, Wade Boughner, hopes to raise through the golf tournament.

“Tyler was everything to me, he was like a son to me,” Boughner said.  “If we could prevent one other person from this happening to, that would mean the world to us.”

Reminders and pictures of Tyler fill the family’s home, but for Shawna-Leigh and her two young daughters there’s no such thing as filling Tyler’s place.

“He would work a 12 hour shift, come home and take the girls to the park,” Shawna-Leigh said.

Sharing Tyler’s story in hopes no other family will ever share their pain.

“I miss my best friend, I miss him so much,” she said.

In the month since Tyler died, 8 other people nationwide have been killed by lightning including a man in Russellville last week according to the National Weather Service.

The memorial golf tournament is happening at the Country Club of Arkansas in Maumelle on August 31. All proceeds and donations will go to Tyler’s wife and daughters.

To register to play in the tournament or for more information on becoming a tournament sponsor contact or Jenna Kramer at (501) 286-5356.