FRISCO (SILVER STAR NATION) — Not only did the Cowboys’ 42-10 loss against the San Francisco 49ers look bad to fans, it looked bad to Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn, said Silver Star Insider Mickey Spagnola.

Despite the disappointing loss, however, Quinn said he’s determined to push forward.

“I’m bummed and very much wanted that game for the players, and it certainly didn’t go that way for us,” Quinn said. “You pout about it or get back up. There’s no finger-pointing with our group, in fact, you see the fingers pointing in the direction that we need to go.”

Compounding the loss, two key players were also injured in Sunday’s game: Linebacker Leighton Vander Esch and Cornerback CJ Goodwin.

While the two players are being placed on injured reserve, Vander Esch could be out for the minimum four weeks, and Goodwin could be out for the entire season.