Military member’s car shot; bullet inches away from hitting driver and daughter


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Rolling through an intersection Saturday night after picking up his daughter from a friend’s house– a Little Rock dad wasn’t prepared for what would happen when a car turned onto 22nd Street. 

“As he was passing my car, he popped one shot,” the dad said wanting to keep his identity private. 

He heard what sounded like glass shattering. 

“And then it dawned on me, these people just shot my car.”

He says he got out of the area as quickly as possible– checked on his daughter in the passenger’s seat…

“She’s kind of really traumatized.”

And surveyed the damage. 

The bullet looks like it went through the driver side door, grazed the steering wheel and lodged in the passenger side door. 

It all happened just inches from hitting their legs. 

It’s something this military member expected when he was in Afghanistan, but not here. 

“I’ve served my country, so I’m out here protecting you guys, and here I am on a Saturday night getting shot at,” he said. 

From what appears to be a random act of violence, he doesn’t want his family or anyone subjected to it. 

“I just want to feel safe being here in Arkansas, my time here in Arkansas,” he said. 

Little Rock police are investigating several shootings over the weekend from the Wright Avenue Neighborhood area. 

Neighbors weren’t willing to go on camera but said when police would arrive in the area the gunshots would stop, but when they left, they’d start back up. 

Anyone with information on the case or the silver sedan, call Little Rock Police. 

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