MMA competition brings faith to cage fighting


LITTLE ROCK, AR – The cage is a battleground for MMA fighters. Once you enter, little else matters.

“Blood , guts and gore!” screamed one fan from the crown waiting to get into the Kingdom Productions event.

Yes, blood, guts, gore and, believe it or not, God.

“Paul, in the Bible, loved sports. So, no problem!” said the fan.

“There are so many parallels between our walk and our following with Christ and the competition of mixed martial arts,” said Pastor Scott Harness with Kingdom Productions.

With a packed house, this was the biggest mixed martial arts competition in Arkansas history, and it’s all put on by the a faith-based firm sponsoring mainly Christian-focused events.

“To be a participant in this fight, you’ve got to really work long and hard,” said Harness. “It takes a lot of skill and the same goes in life. When we face life we face challenges and obstacles and difficulties.”

“If you’re going to be faithful to the lord, you’ve got to be dedicated to it,” said fighter P.J. Bonner. “There’s struggle in that. Just like there’s struggle in the cage and struggle in training.”

Fans say, when you train as hard as these athletes do, there’s no divine intervention necessary.

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