Mom Asking for Help Finding Hit & Run Driver

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Ice played no part in a collision that cut short a birthday party last night. Today a mom is asking for help to find the person that put children’s lives in danger in a hit and run.

“The corner of Chenal Parkway and Kanis Road. We were sitting there at the intersection, at the line, waiting to turn left. All of a sudden we were hit from behind. We were pushed all the way through the intersection into the oncoming turning lane, facing the wrong direction,” explains Sarah Sorenson.

Sarah Sorenson, her 12-year-old daughter and two of her friends on Thursday night sat shaken, confused and on the wrong side of the road.

Friday the car sits in the garage. Fortunately it’s the only one staying home sick today.

“It would have been terrible if they had been sitting back there. It was completely smashed,” says Sarah Sorenson.

Shattered glass made it all the way to the front of the car. But whoever caused this damage isn’t in the picture.
Sarah says they took off and police want to know why.

“When you do hit someone and you don’t take the time to check on their condition that’s awfully concerning,” says Lt. Sidney Allen.

Lieutenant Sidney Allen with the Little Rock Police Department says there weren’t any traffic cameras that would have captured the collision.

Right now hit and run detectives are out looking and relying heavily on body shops in the area and waiting for someone to come forward who may have seen or suspect anything.

“Those tips do come in handy,” says Allen.

And Sarah hopes it can shed some light on somebody possibly hiding in the dark.

“Someone out there must have a smashed front end. The back of our vehicle is totaled,” says Sarah.

This all happened at about 6:45 Thursday night at the intersection of Kanis and Chenal in west Little Rock. They were planning on going to the trampoline park there, but they decided against that after this happened.

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