Mom Facing Charges After Daughter is “Attacked” on School Campus

Gurdon, AR – While waiting for the final bell to ring at Gurdon High School the afternoon of February 19, freshman, Danielle Crews says she was attacked by another student.

She says it all started on social media.

“I posted the picture of my brother, Rusty and it said n***a just woke up and stuff,” Crews explained.

She says the girl in the video was offended by the statement.

“I was like if you don’t like what I have to say just unfollow me it’s that easy,” she referred to Twitter. “It was not towards [the girl]. It was not towards a black person in any racist way.”

Crews and her mother, Amanda Griffin, say it turned into an extreme case of bullying and even threats on Twitter.

“Her and her friends were threatening that my momma better stay in the house or she’s gonna get it too.”

Griffin happened to be at the school when the whole thing happened, not realizing what was going on until it was too late.

It’s what she did then that led the school to filing a report accusing her of assault and disorderly conduct.

“We certainly understand a parents regard for wanting to protect their child,” remarked Principal Tommie Campbell. “No doubt, that’s the maternal instinct of any mom.”

Principal Campbell says it simply comes down to how she approached the students.

“She started to become aggressive towards students and using racially defamatory language,” he said. “There’s right and wrong ways to deal with situations and under no circumstances should an adult aggress toward a minor, especially on a public school campus.”

Griffin owns up to what she said.

“When I got out of the car I said ‘you wanna jump on somebody you jump on me you effin’ n’s,” Griffin went on. “Oh no I shouldn’t have got out and hollered what I did but I was mad.”

Crews and her mother both say the student in the video, who landed at least 7 punches to the back of Crews’ head, should receive more punishment that what was handed down.

Crews explained, “A three day suspension for bullying which they say they have no tolerance for.”

The school principal filed the report the day after the incident took place. He says it was unfortunate for everyone involved because this all started outside of school.

Amanda Griffin faces charges of 2nd degree assault and disorderly conduct as the prosecutor claims she incited fear in the students she verbally attacked.

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