Mom Says School Isn’t Doing Enough to Stop Bus Bullying


BEEBE, Ark.- A Beebe mom is speaking out about the bullying she says her 8 year old daughter is experiencing on the school bus.

Caitlin Powers says it’s gone beyond typical teasing and she’s concerned the school isn’t doing enough to handle it. 

“This is three strikes,” says Powers.  “I’m over it.” 

Powers and her family moved to Beebe about 6 months ago from California.  Since then she says her 3rd grader has been bullied on the school bus.

“This is to the point where they’re violent threats, they’re physical injuries on my child when she comes home,” says Powers. 

She says she’s gone to the school each time an incident has happened and little things were changed, but now she feels it’s gone on long enough and she’s pulling her daughter out to home school her. 

“I know it seems drastic, but I mean she’s terrified of school,” says Powers.  “What else are you going to do?  You can’t force her to go, that’s impeding her learning experience.”

Several other parents also posted on Facebook about their experiences.  

“There’s other parents that are trying to get something done here and it’s not happening,” says Powers. 

The Beebe School District Superintendent says there are cameras on the buses and a transportation administrator handles all bus discipline after viewing the tapes.  

Parents, however, are not allowed to view the video because of the privacy of other students.  The school also won’t comment on disciplinary measures if any are taken but says all reported incidents are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly by the school administration. 

Some parents like Powers say that’s not enough. 

“It just feels like it’s blown over and I’m just still so angry with what has happened that I need answers.”

The district says the video from the bus does not show a fight where the 3rd grader was punched. 

Powers says she took her daughter to the doctor for her injuries and filed a report with the police after the most recent incident. 

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