Mom With Gun Thwarts Theft


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Surveillance video captured a mother with a gun who stopping a man who appeared to be trying to steal her son’s motorcycle Friday morning. 

It happened around 6 Friday morning outside the family’s North Little Rock Business. 

Chris Davis owns and runs WW Beds Custom Furniture business that his father and mother started in the 1980s.

He said his the mother- a retired cop who’s battling health issues finished her daily routine of having coffee with her son then started to watch hurricane coverage at her home about a  block away from the family business. 

He said his mother, who he called “Mama Lou” during the interview, is a protector and always watches out for her family’s safety on the business’ surveillance cameras. 

When she saw what appeared to be a man trying to steal her son’s motorcycle outside the shop not only did her cop instinct— but also her mom instinct kicked in. 

Davis sat in his office where he told us he sat Friday morning with no clue that at the same time his mom was holding up a thief just outside. 

He said, “Don’t mess with my mama.”

He may own the business now but that doesn’t stop his mother from monitoring the business and her family’s safety with cameras. 

“If I slip past the camera and she doesn’t see me she’ll text me and say ‘Where are you?’ And I’ll wave at her or text her back,” Davis said. 

WW Beds Custom Furniture sells custom made beds for people like little superheroes. But now Davis’ mom claimed that title after making sure his bike didn’t get stolen.

“Before daylight I heard a knock on my office door from the outside and I yelled ‘Who it was?’ And it was my mom’s voice,” he said. 

Davis continued to describe his mother checking the surveillance video isn’t new but that knock was not normal.

We learned his mom wasn’t at the front desk to watch the surveillance videos. She wasn’t in the shop where they make the beds. She wasn’t even outside by the bike. She was about a block away monitoring them from home. 

When she saw a man on videos who appeared to be trying to steal her son’s motorcycle she called 911 then took matters into her own hands. 

The retired cop then grabbed her gun and went up to the store. 

“It’s scary for one. It really makes me think some people out there are really desperate. You don’t know what they’re capable of doing,” he said. 

Between jobs, Davis already jumped back on his bike. He told us he thinks he got the good end of the deal. 

“He didn’t get off with anything, didn’t destroy anything. Actually, he left a pocket knife. I guess I made off better than he did, I guess,” Davis said. 

His mother also thinks she got the good end of the deal.

The mother and grandmother did not want to go on camera but she talked with our reporter Price McKeon off camera.

She told us that after looking back at the video she would have done things differently. She did not mean she would not have shown her gun. She meant she wouldn’t have gotten so close the man. 

The man in that video got away. 

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