Monroe Isadore’s Family Speaks Out

PINE BLUFF — For the first time, family members are speaking out in the death of a 107-year-old man shot and killed by Pine Bluff police officers.

Monroe Isadore’s family went to a community meeting tonight where people voiced concerns about the shooting.

They’re still very upset and confused about what happened in September.

A special prosecutor said no criminal charges would be filed in the shooting death of 107-year-old Monroe Isadore.

But some local religious leaders say this shooting could’ve been prevented and Isadore’s family agrees.

Isadore’s daughter Roberta Foster said, “We are not at peace. We want some closure. We can’t sleep.”

Foster and Isadore’s granddaughter Angela Howard say Pine Bluff police unjustly killed Isadore during a S.W.A.T. standoff.

Howard said, “My grandfather was 107-years-old and died with a bullet to the head why he was laying in his bed. It’s senseless. I don’t understand it.”

Isadore’s daughter and granddaughter say the chief and officers involved should be fired for this tragedy.

During a community meeting in Pine Bluff tonight, others also made comments.

And, they asked the police chief some tough questions like why officers shot a man some say was blind and hard of hearing.

People also watched video — released by Pine Bluff police — from inside the home during the standoff.

Those in attendance say it shows a confused elderly man but Chief Jeff Hubanks says officers only shot Isadore after he fired first.

Hubanks said, “Once the door was opened, that barricaded door was opened, he had the option to put the gun down. If he did, he would be alive now.”

But Foster says that shouldn’t be the case.

She feels officers should’ve chosen another option.

She said, “To say that justice has been served, it hasn’t been served. We’re not going to have any closure until justice is served.”

Isadore’s family members did not say if they will file a lawsuit against the city of Pine Bluff.

But religious leaders say they’re working diligently to get this case in the hands of federal investigators.

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