Months without sewage system calls for meeting


WINCHESTER, Ark. – Getting a sewage system in the small town of Winchester in Drew County continues to be the big topic of discussion.

The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission offering a grant that would allow the City of Dumas to collect it’s waste, but last month the mayor and city council members voted the agreement down.

It was a packed house at Tuesday night’s city council meeting in Winchester.

Last month city council members voted an agreement down that would allow the City of Dumas to collect sewage waste from Winchester.

“The council members looked at the contract. They had the first contract then a second contract it went from 20 years to five years we just felt like it’s was things in there that wasn’t Beneficial to Winchester,” said Demetrous Trotter.

The mayor says that he wants a sewage system in the town but no set plans yet.

“We just want to do what’s best for this community here.”

State representative Leanne Burch for district 9 was at Tuesday’s meeting.

The people in this small town were not the only ones who have tried to address the smelly situation.

Drew County Judge Robert Akin says he’s been working on it for 7 years.

“I was running for office in 2012 and as we were walking around going house to house. She asked me, she said son if you get elected with the stench that I smell here if you can you help these people.”

I spoke to State Senator Eddie Cheatham on the phone and he says that there is not much he can do to help the people of Winchester.

“It’s unfortunate but your question again to me as a senator there is really no pressure. We reached out to the health department and ADEQ has been contacted and they’re kind of in the same out there in limbo. The city council and the mayor it’s there prerogative of accepting, rejecting the grant,” says Senator Eddie Cheatham.

The grant is funded through the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and the agreement is expiring next month.

“I hope they understand that there’s not a lot of money out there to be gotten for this and there going to turn it loose to.”

“Well basically, we are going to re-apply.”

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