More than a dozen students cited for vaping at Cabot Public Schools since start of school year


CABOT, Ark. — More than a dozen students have been caught with vaping devices at Cabot public schools just a little more than a month into the school year, according to police reports obtained by Fox 16 News.

A total of 13 high school and junior high students were cited or investigated for possessing a vaping or E-cig device on school grounds during the time period between Aug. 27 and Oct. 8.

Seven of the cases originated at one of the junior high schools. Six of the cases originated at the high school, records show.

Five of those 13 students were 13 years old or younger.

One student was a 12-year-old boy.

“It’s not good,” Danny Huey says.

Huey has three children in Cabot schools. He tells us he hears more about vaping at the junior high school.

“I think the school district here does a pretty good job. I’m not sure what they could do when the child leaves the school property.”

Vaping has become a trending health concern across the state and country.

Earlier this month, Arkansas’ Attorney General Leslie Rutledge hosted a youth vaping summit in coordination with Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The superintendent of Cabot public schools, Dr. Tony Thurman, served on a panel at the summit.

At the summit, Rutledge announced her efforts to send enforcement advisory letters to 100 online vaping retailers, warning of legal action if vaping products are sold to teens in Arkansas.

A spokeswoman for the Cabot Public School District issued the following statement:

Cabot Public Schools will continue to be proactive in making sure parents know that this is a major concern that impacts the health and overall well-being of young adults.
Students in possession of the device will continue to receive a citation from police in addition to school consequences.

According to the Cabot school district handbook, the following measures can be taken for vaping violations:

  1. First violation – Three (3) days in-school suspension, completion of a tobacco cessation intervention program, loss of semester test exemption, legal referral.
  2. Second Violation – Three (3) days out-of-school suspension.
  3. Third Violation – Suspension from school, consideration for alternative school

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