Morrilton man says he was wrongfully arrested; authorities investigating what happened


MORRILTON, Ark.-“What if it was a murderer on the scene they could have gotten away and arrested the wrong person while the murderer was on the street,” Jerry Kelly said.

It’s a fear most of us have, being arrested for a crime you did not commit.

A Morrilton man says that fear happened to him and he’s trying to figure out exactly what happened and why law enforcement went after him.

Jerry Kelly says he was at his job when all of a sudden, officers showed up and arrested him.

He says he didn’t know what was going on and what charges he faced.

Conway County Sheriff Mike Smith says he can’t say much because it’s an ongoing investigation, but says the situation is tough.

“At first I was trying to figure out why am I here,” Kelly said.

Jerry Kelly found himself booked into jail on March 25th. He was at work in Morrilton when authorities came for him.

“They arrested me for the wrong person,” Kelly said.

“We got a call from Star City wanting help in locating a subject,” Sheriff Smith said.

Sheriff Mike Smith says officials were looking for a guy named Jerry Brock. The sheriff says Brock’s address leads them to Jerry Kelly’s home.

“The physical description on the warrant matched also tattoos and everything,” Sheriff Smith said.

Kelly says the tattoo on his left arm is what kept him locked in a cell.

“They said my ID and social security was fake and everything else. I was like no it’s not,” Kelly said.

It wasn’t until officials ran Kelly’s fingerprints that they realized what happened.

“It’s a very tough situation we are not here to violate anyone’s civil rights,” Sheriff Smith said.

Kelly says he feared the worst.

“I was like there goes my job there goes everything,” Kelly said.

He says the situation could have been handled a lot better.

“He didn’t even ask me who I was. He just arrested me and asked me if I was Jerry. He didn’t mention last names,” Kelly said.

“We certainly apologize to him for any inconvenience about it but I think we done what we are supposed to do,” Sheriff Smith said.

Sheriff Smith says he’s still going through the report, body camera and speaking to the officers that arrested Kelly.

Kelly says he was in jail for a couple of hours and grateful he still has his job.

Kelly says officials told him he was facing Class Y Felony charges and Grand Larceny.

The sheriff’s office says they’re still looking for Jerry Brock.

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