Mother Says Another Student Sexually Assaulted Her Son

SEARCY, AR — The mother of a 6th grade boy — at Riverview School District — says another student rubbed his private parts on her son’s face and she’s beyond angry about it.

A frustrated mother — who’s identity we’re protecting — says the boy broke more than just some handbook rules when he bullied her son.

The reporter asked, “Do you feel that he was sexually assaulted?”

She responded, “Yes.”

The mother says the incident happened during school hours at a track meet in Searcy on Tuesday.

She also told FOX16 News that her son was assaulted in the bleachers and so she’s questioning why no one saw anything at the school-sponsored event with other students and adults around.

The mother said, “Why didn’t they step forward. I feel like something has to be done about it.”

After finding out about the incident, the mother called the school demanding the other boy be punished.

But she says the principal wouldn’t talk to her about what happened.

We went to the school’s superintendent with these accusations.

She would only tell us, “When a complaint is filed it will be investigated and then we take the appropriate action. We do not discuss punishment with other parents.”

The boy’s mother said, “It’s a parent’s instinct to sit there and protect their child. You can’t sit there and laugh about it, you can’t sit there and brush it off saying it won’t happen again.”

She added if the school does nothing, she’ll do something by taking her complaint to the prosecuting attorney.

The mother also told us her son got into a fight with other boys involved in this incident.

She says he received a one day suspension for that behavior.

So, she feels the other boy involved should be expelled.

The mother also told FOX16, if nothing else she at least wants parents and teachers to know about the extremes of bullying and hopefully changes can be made.

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