Mother Says Not Much ‘Care’ Given to Her 3 Children

COLLEGE STATION, AR — A mother is livid after her children were forced to walk 2 miles to get home from a day care that promised a ride. Not only that, she also says the employee refused to let her kids (ages 4, 7, 9) use a phone to call her.

Courtney McDonald works 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can’t pick her kids up after school, so she sends them to day care.  She enrolled them in After School Scholars under the assumption that transportation would be taken care of.

“They will pick up the kids from school and then bring them to the house,” she said.

Her kids were picked up from school but not taken home on Monday.

When they finally showed up Monday evening, McDonald knew something was wrong.

“My oldest was crying at this point, and she told me that they told her they had to walk home,” McDonald said.

That walk home was 2 miles, and according to Google Maps, one that takes 48 minutes.

It was a walk her children knew she wouldn’t want them to take. She says her kids even pleaded with an employee of the care center.

“They said that it’s too far for them to walk, and could they call their mom, and she told them, ‘This is my personal phone, and you can’t use my personal phone,'” McDonald said.

But the employee left them no choice, and the two older girls looked out for their 4-year-old brother as they made the trek home.

“My oldest daughter said (my 4-year-old son) was trying to run across the street, and she kept having to scream for him to come back, and it was a lot of cars on the street,” McDonald said. “They were upset and scared because they didn’t know if he was gonna get hit.”

The child care center wouldn’t speak with us beyond saying it had come to an understanding with all parties.  However, McDonald is far from understanding.

“As a parent, I don’t see any adult with kids that are in child care facility, telling other kids that they would have to walk home witouth contacting their parents first,” she said.

DHS can confirm a licensing investigation into the program After School Scholars but not whether there’s a child maltreatment investigation.

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