BENTON, Ark. — A damaged water main in addition to frozen pipes have caused significant concerns for people in Benton since mid-week.

On social media today, one person asked Benton Utilities if they are shutting down a water plant.

They are not, according to a reply by a spokesperson for the utility.

Benton Mayor Tom Farmer has also addressed the situation:

“We are facing a serious situation with our water. During the course of the winter weather people ran over some hydrants, leaks on some 12 inch mains occurred, which caused the water tanks to be drained out completely. At this point the water plant is producing water at full capacity but due to the demand of water the tanks are not able to be filled. Because of this not only do we have to boil water but we also need to conserve water by not running the dishwashers, washing machines, and other major uses of water at this time. We will get further information out shortly.”

-Mayor Farmer

Image Courtesy: Benton Utilities/facebook

Drainage from leaks has caused low pressure in multiple water systems, and in some cases disrupted the water supply.

In Mayflower, Plumerville, and Glenwood workers are actively searching for broken pipes in order to fully restore service.

Hot Springs and Pine Bluff have also requested customers in their areas conserve water and keep a lookout for leaking water.

Boil water orders have been issued in multiple locations around the state.

The Arkansas Department of Health has a list of boil orders.
You can see it here.

Check with your city’s social media for the latest updates.

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