Museum of Discovery underwater, inside look at the extensive damage


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A staple in the Little Rock community is underwater after a pipe burst.
A worker went to feed the animals at The Museum of Discovery and found themselves in ankle deep standing water.

“I choked up looking at the video,” said Kelley Bass, Museum of Discovery CEO.
The museum is typically flooded with screaming kids but now looking around you see collapsed ceilings, standing water and debris in every room.

“It hurts, it hurts more from seeing our beloved place being so trashed,” said Bass.
Museum CEO Kelley Bass said a pipe burst near the roof of the building.
Workers estimate water was running for around 36 hours before a worker found the leak.

“Just soaked, it was literally raining in there,” said Bass.

Bass said a big portion of the museum will have to be rebuilt.
Galleries, theaters, classrooms and offices are all drenched and damaged.

“If you walk up the ramp from the great hall and take a right. Everything from that point on and down is flooded,” said Bass, “I’m sure it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Bass said they’ve had an outpouring of support from the community with people and businesses offering trucks, volunteers and a place to take the animals.

The museum has been open for almost a century so while the near future is uncertain, Bass said this certainly isn’t the end.

“We’re coming up on 95 years next year and this will not take us out for sure,” said Bass.

Bass said one skink died as a result of the flooding, but all other animals are fine.
Bass said the Little Rock Zoo may be housing the animals while renovations are underway.

Follow the progress HERE.

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