(NEXSTAR) — If you purchased certain Hefty or Great Value brand recycling bags in the past five years, you may be able to take part in a $3 million class action settlement. According to a lawsuit, Reynolds Brands (which owns Hefty and Great Value), falsely advertised the bags as recyclable, even though they weren’t able to be recycled.

Although Reynolds has not admitted to any wrongdoing in the case, the company has agreed to pay $3 million to resolve the matter — and customers may be entitled to $2 per purchased product.

The bags, which the lawsuit claim can’t be recycled in waste disposal facilities, must have been purchased between July 20, 2018 and August 30, 2023.

If you’re wondering if you need proof of purchase, here’s the breakdown for customer payment:

  • With proof of purchase — you can claim up to 25 products, for a maximum payment of $50
  • Without proof of purchase — you can claim up to six products, for a maximum payment of $12

Claim form submission is limited to one submission per household.

The deadline to be excluded (or to object) from the Gudgel v. Reynolds settlement is Oct. 25. A final approval hearing will be held Nov. 15.

Claim forms must be submitted online or postmarked by Dec. 13. At the recyclingbagsettlement.com website, consumers can find out out how to submit a claim form, in addition to further details.