(WXIN) — A chocolate cake sold at IKEA is being recalled after a metal object was found inside one batch.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the recall involves 14.1 oz Almondy Chocolate cake with Daim sold at IKEA stores. While no one was injured, Almondy is recalling the cakes as a precautionary measure.

At Almondy the quality and safety of our products is our number one priority. We take the incident very seriously and as a precautionary measure we are therefore recalling products with the batch code stated above. We have identified what measures to take to prevent this from happening again

Margareta Johannesson, Quality Director at Almondy

It’s unclear how many cakes are impacted by this recall.

The recalled cakes have batch code L2140 and a best before date of November 18, 2023. Anyone with the recalled chocolate cake should either return it for a full refund or contact Almondy.