SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — A teacher in Sarasota, Florida, was arrested Friday after investigators said she “made out” with a 17 year-old student.

Police said they began their investigation after representatives from Sarasota Military Academy contacted detectives about rumors involving a student and Michele Little, 29.

Little was placed on administrative leave on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the student was interviewed at the Child Protection Center.

The student told officers that Little made sexual comments to him several times over several weeks.

The student said he went to Little’s classroom on April 17 during lunch. He said Little put a sign on her classroom door that stated she was testing/tutoring so the student would be the only one in the classroom.

The student said he asked the teacher what she was doing after school that day and she told him that she was clearing up her room. In a “kidding fashion,” the student said he could help her and the teacher told him that she would like his help.

When he returned to the classroom, the student said Little had the door propped open with a pencil so the door wouldn’t lock and he could enter.

“When the student entered the classroom, Little closed the blinds on the door and the student logged on to a computer in case someone walked in, he could pretend he was on a computer working. The student said he was on the computer, and he and Little “made out” for 10-15 minutes before the student left the classroom,” according to a news release.

Sarasota Military Academy High School campus sent the following statement to faculty, parents, and students:

“The High School administration was made aware of an alleged incident that happened between a staff member and student that is being investigated by the Sarasota Police Department. We have come to learn that an arrest was made by the Sarasota Police Department, and any updates regarding this case will be released by the SPD.”

Little was arrested Friday and taken to the Sarasota County Jail.

She will have her first appearance on Saturday, where her bond will be set.