DENVER (KDVR) – When serendipity occurs, it can be easy to sidestep or write it off entirely, but a coincidental occurrence that happened during the birth of twins in early October is raising some eyebrows in the best of ways.

Earlier this month, Lauren Meehan arrived at the Rose Medical Center to deliver her two baby girls.

“Our twins decided to make an early and quick arrival in the middle of the night,” Meehan, who in addition to being a patient is also the Cath Lab Director at Rose Medical, said.

As many expecting parents do, Meehan and her partner arrived at the hospital with her soon-to-be newborns’ names picked out and ready to pen to their birth certificates.

Being prepared, especially when expecting, is a wise move but what she couldn’t have prepared for was the undeniable parallels between the names she picked and the names of the two labor and delivery nurses who entered her room that day.

When the delivery team asked Meehan if she had picked her incoming twins’ names, the mood changed drastically.

The Cath Lab Director at Rose Medical Center recently delivered twins girls at Rose.
Credit: HealthONEcares

“We told the room that we loved the names Emma and Julia. The room all broke out in laughter as the two nurses that would be taking care of my babies were both named Emma and Julia!” Meehan said. “At that moment, in all the chaos, we were able to stop for a second and enjoy that moment knowing that those names were meant to be.”

After the laughter calmed, Meehan’s second and third children, Emma and Julia, entered the world.

“I am so lucky to now be able to say that I have three Rose Babies!” she said.

Meet Emma who was recently born at the Cath Lab Director at Rose Medical Center.
Credit: HealthONEcares

“Those two nurses will always be special to us and the entire team that took care of us that day with hold a special place in our hearts. It will be a funny story to tell our girls!” Meehan guaranteed.

Now, it may not be a solid idea to go out looking for surprises when delivering twins, but it’s safe to say that this happy coincidence was a welcome one that will be cherished by the Meehans from here on out.