(KTLA) — A well-known brand of rice baby cereal sold at Walmart is being recalled after routine testing showed increased levels of inorganic arsenic, the Food and Drug Administration reported.

The voluntary recall for the Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal, manufactured by Maple Island Inc. and distributed nationwide by Walmart in-store and online, was issued on Friday. Since then, the retailer has stopped selling the baby food.

“Walmart was advised and has pulled the product from its store shelves and put a register block on the product at its stores and online to prevent further sales,” the FDA said in a news alert.

The FDA said the test results were in compliance with its guidelines, but Maple Island issued the recall “out of an abundance of caution.”

“FDA has recognized that trace elements such as these are widely present in the environment, including water, soil and food,” the FDA stated. “The FDA also noted that research has shown reducing exposure to toxic elements is important to minimizing any potential long-term effects on the developing brains of infants and children.”

There have been no illnesses related to the affected baby cereal, officials said.

Customers with products bearing the following numbers should discard them or return them for a full refund:

  • Lot Number 21083/UPC Code #00681131082907 and best if used by date of JUN 24 2022
  • Lot Number 21084/UPC Code #00681131082907 and best if used by date of JUN 25 2022
  • Lot 21242 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of NOV 30 2022

For more information on the recall, call Maple Island Inc. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT at 800-369-1022 or email info@maple-island.com.

No other Parent’s Choice products are affected by the recall.