Watch: Bull moose goes head to head with car in Colorado


BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A bull moose was caught on camera damaging a car with its antlers in Colorado earlier this week.

Chris Devlin captured the moment on camera.

According to Boulder County Open Space, the car was empty. The owner came back to find a note from the videographer.

In the video, you can hear someone blowing a horn, apparently trying to scare the moose away. The moose disregards the horn at first, then eventually runs away as the horn continues to blow.

BCOS said moose act ornery during rutting season.

The peak of rut, also known as mating season, lasts through mid-October for elk and early October for moose. Mule deer mating season peaks from November to December, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Getting too close to wildlife can be dangerous, especially during the rut. The rule of thumb is to hold your thumb up over the animal at a distance. If your thumb covers the animal’s body entirely, you are likely a safe distance away.

Also, never feed wild animals, and do not risk your safety to take a photo of an animal.


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