Natural Spring Pushing Water out of Little Rock Manhole

LITTLE ROCK, AR – A section of a major south Little Rock thoroughfare has been torn up and left with pot holes. The culprit along Geyer Springs Road is a possible natural spring finding its way to the surface through a communication manhole.

Little Rock Public Works says this has gone on for two weeks as the water had to be tested to determine if it is treated water from Central Arkansas Water.

The problem here is the water, without a proper place to drain, combined with constant traffic, can damage the roadway.

“This is definitely a different situation in that it’s tearing up the road and causing potholes,” explained Operations Manager for Little Rock Public Works, Eric Petty. “In this case the problem is man hole is out in the street. That lets the water come across in the travel lane and as the cars are driving through it it’s deteriorating and tearing up the road.”

The city says they are working with AT&T, which operates the manhole as a communications access point, about installing a drain to re-direct the water so it will stop damaging the roadway.

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