LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Families living along Broadway have woken up over the last few weeks to the roar of engines as dozens of cars race down the roadway.

“It was so loud, my windows were rattling,” said Matilda Louvring, who has lived on the busy street for years. She’s gotten used to hearing cars speed down the long stretch of road.

“There are 9 uninterrupted blocks between 17th and Roosevelt,” she said, referring to intersections that don’t include traffic lights.

The new problem is that these races are being held at a new time, from 10 p.m. to the early hours of the morning.

“We’ve been dealing with this for years, speeding on Broadway,” Louvring said. “The nighttime speeding is a new issue.”

Homeowners on neighboring streets have reported hearing the nighttime noise, with one famous resident living only two blocks away.

“Governor Hutchinson lives a couple blocks over,” Louvring noted. “Can the governor hear it?”

The Little Rock Police Department has even posted reminders on their social media sites warning speedsters of the dangers of drag racing, and the consequences of breaking the law. But these drivers seem to miss the message and leave the marks to prove it.

“It’s just really dangerous,” Louvring said. “We’re kind of in Limbo now waiting to see who’s going to step up.”

As neighbors wait for a break in the traffic, all they can do is remind potential speedsters that their preferred race track is also a neighborhood looking for peace and quiet.

“We’re not just law offices and insurance agencies down here,” said Louvring, “we do live here.”

LRPD wants to remind residents that to call 911 if they see or hear any signs or speeding or racing.