Neighbors on Alert Near Home of Kidnapping Suspect

JACKSONVILLE, AR – Neighbors say they are not taking any chances and are ready to call police if there is any activity at a home on Randall Drive.

That’s the address of suspect Arron Lewis, 33, who is sought by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office in relation to the missing realtor Beverly Carter, who disappeared Thursday night after showing a home in Scott.

Some neighbors are gathering at the street corner to check for familiar cars. Others are peering through windows for any suspicious visitors. Neighbors say the tension is high on their road since police announced Lewis is a suspect.

“Sort of excited but scared at the same time, on guard. These neighbors right here were afraid. They were like ‘how close do we have to keep our weapons with us just in case?'” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Sheriff’s deputies tell those living on the street to call 911 if there is any activity at the home.

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