HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — A Hot Springs based business is accused of offering vacation properties and faking its amenities on popular sites like Airbnb.

The Arkansas Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Timeless Memories, LLC Monday, but more accusers are coming forward.

“You think about the 8 people that were taken advantage of besides me, there’s no telling how many more,” Brady Bean said.

Last year, Bean went into what he though was an honest and potentially lucrative business deal with then-friend Brittany Brown.

Brown is part owner of Timeless Memories with Karen Tidwell Monet.

According to court documents, they have several rental properties in Arkansas Florida.

Brown and Bean signed a contract back in October stating Bean would give Brown 10,000 dollars for 50 percent ownership of a rental property on Grissom Trail in Hot Springs.

The agreement went on to say Bean would make his money back in 6 months as well as receive half the profits from the rental property.

“And to this day I’ve never seen a dime,” he said.

He filed a lawsuit back in March after being told by Brown he wouldn’t get his money back.

Bean says he got suspicious after Brown was arrested for 2,400 dollars worth of marijuana. The police report says she asked for the money back after getting caught.

“Well there’s a quarter of my money pretty much you could have just paid back!” Bean said.

Court documents also show Brown faces other charges for hot checks and larceny.

As for Bean’s 10,000 dollars, texts from Brown say she has the money but doesn’t want to give it to him.

She even says she feels she only owes him 6,500 dollars because of the time she spent with Bean instead of her child.

“She wants reimbursed for being my friend!” Bean said.

With the Attorney General now involved and numerous complaints filed, Bean hopes something gets done.

“You know some people don’t believe in karma but I can assure you, karma has no deadline,” he said.

The AG is asking the court to fine both Brown and her business partner Karen Tidwell Monet with civil penalties, restitution and attorneys’ fees. She’s also asking they stop the vacation rental business in Arkansas.

If you are a victim, be sure to contact the Attorney General’s office at or call (800) 482-8982.