New Allegations Against LRPD No Knock Search Warrants


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New allegations in the case of the Little Rock Police no knock search warrants are being made today by civil rights attorneys. 

More than a dozen people stepped forward claiming abusive practices by Little Rock Police in serving no knock search warrants for alleged drug suspects. 

Each claim they were unfairly targeted and police tactics such as door explosions caused major property damage. 

One man claims he was shot several times during a no knock search warrant for meth, turns out no meth was found by police. 

“The law busted into my home. I was in bed; they shot me through the wall shot eight times and hit me three times for no reason at all,” says Llowd St. Clair. 

“These Little Rock no knock warrant cases are frivolous- it is the most blatant violations of Constitutional Rights in America I have ever seen,” says Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump.

The attorneys say more than 30 people have hired their services, all with similar stories, ranging as far back as 10 years ago to last month. 

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