New Voter ID Law Being Challenged in Court


PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – The new voter ID law that went into effect last August is under scrutiny today in court. 

A long time Pulaski County poll worker filed the suit claiming the new law is unconstitutional and should be suspended until a full trial can be heard. 

For those who don’t have a valid photo ID, the law allows them to sign a provisional ballot verifying they are registered to vote. 

The plaintiff claims this new law is unconstitutional because it places unnecessary restrictions on an individuals right to vote, and keeps minorities, poor and elderly from voting in many cases. 

The defendants in this case, the State of Arkansas and Election Commission, say these restrictions are necessary to prevent voter fraud and strengthen election security. 

The Plaintiffs are asking the judge for an injunction to prevent this law from being enforced until a trial can be held to determine if the law is constitutional.

If their request is granted, the upcoming May preliminary election will most likely proceed as if the voter ID law never passed. 

The judge is expected to rule later this week. 

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