NOAA updates Atlantic tropical forecast, increasing number of predicted storms from May outlook

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- On August 4th, NOAA in association with the National Hurricane Center, a division of NOAA, released an update on their 2021 Atlantic tropical season.

In May when they released their original forecast before the season began, they predicted a 60% chance of an above season average with 13-20 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes, and 3-5 major hurricanes (category 3+).

As we reach the peak of hurricane season, which is September 1st, they have updated their forecast. They now predict a 65% chance of an above season average with 15-21 named storms, 7-10 hurricanes. The number of major hurricanes remained unchanged between this update and the earlier one.

So far, the Atlantic basin has remained quiet since June 1st, the start of hurricane season. The list of names has only been exhausted through Elsa. The next name on the list to be used is Fred. You may notice that the secondary list has changed. The Greek Alphabet is no longer being used as it was thought to create confusion.

As mentioned above, this is the time of the year when the Atlantic tropical basin does pick up in activity. As of Thursday, August 5th, NHC is monitoring two areas off the coast of Africa that show promise of maturing.

Only time will tell how this season plays out. We will make sure to keep you up-to-date as it moves along.

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