North Little Rock invests in new technology for road repairs


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The city of North Little Rock is using some innovative new technology to help them stay on top of road maintenance.

Potholes and road repair are an ongoing problem but the city now has a clear road map of what needs to be done.

“This method here just saves a lot of time,” says Michael Klamm, an engineer for the city of North Little Rock.  “They do a really good analysis of rating the streets and we’ve got all the data right here on our computer.”

Klamm says NLR partnered with a consultant who spent 10 weeks driving every street in the city with a camera-clad vehicle collecting data. 

“Our past method of selecting streets was just kind of eyeballing really,” says Klamm. 

Now instead of waiting for crews to go out and look for problems or for people to call them in, the city can now look on the database to see where the roads need work.  Then they can see the video of the area and send someone out to repair it.

The database has the whole city mapped out so you can look at the information with different filters. 

There is one that color codes on a priority basis indicating what roads are considered “critical” or even “lost” verses in “fair” or “good” condition.  

There is also a pothole filter that shows every pothole in the entire city.  

Klamm says the way the program provides data is invaluable to the city and will make future road maintenance run a lot smoother.   

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