Northwest Arkansas Students Fight Bullies with Creativity

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A group of Harber High School (Springdale) students are fighting bullies through creativity, by making a lip dub video encouraging classmates to treat each other kindly.

“We really despise bullying, and we wanted to just create a campaign within our school to kinda reach out to students and make them more aware,” says senior Kyndall Wood.

Students in the Environmental and Spatial Technology program lined up the entire school to lip sing a song, but the lib dub isn’t just for fun.

The kids took the opportunity to spread a message of acceptance, urging their fellow students to “Pick Up Not Pick On.”

Wood says anyone can be the target of a bully, and she hopes the video will change that.

“It’s not a good feeling, not feeling welcome amongst your peers,” she says. “Sometimes people don’t even know they’re bullying, they just are, and it just doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.”

After months of work, the EAST students debuted the video at a seminar assembly Monday. The assembly included a short documentary about bullying and a performance by an illusionist.

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Reported by: Kyle Leyenberger, KNWA-TV Fayetteville

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