Nurse sharing her experience after testing positive with COVID-19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Essential Employees are taking a risk every day heading into work, especially those who work in a hospital.

Arkansas is seeing more than 900 positive cases, more than 100 are healthcare workers.​

“I just felt like I got hit by a Mac truck,” said Abby Lann, RN in Conway tested positive for COVID-19, “I started having these really weird symptoms and it wasn’t classic symptoms like a lot of people are exhibiting. I was having horrific back pain and a lot of GI upset.”​

Abby Lann is a registered nurse who works at an OBGYN clinic inside Conway Regional.​

She was working every day until she woke up with symptoms. Two days later, she got positive results from the health department.​

Now she’s sharing her experience and warning everyone to stay inside.​

“It was kind of scary, there are people all over who are on ventilators and who are dying because of this virus so to know that it could be in my body was pretty terrifying,” said Lann.​

Lann said the first four days were the absolute worst when it came to symptoms.​

“It was miserable, the pain was terrible, I couldn’t hardly get out of bed,” said Lann.​

Lann said she started feeling better but it didn’t last long. She ended up needing an inhaler for shortness of breath.​

Now she is on the mend and warning everyone to be careful and stay inside.​

“It’s so important to stay at home. I do not want anybody to feel like I have felt over the past week and a half,” said Lann “you do not want to go through it, you do not want your family members to go through it. It’s just terrible. “​

Lann and her family plan to be out of quarantine on Saturday pending release from the health department.​

Lann said since her positive test, one other healthcare worker from her clinic has tested positive. ​

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