Officer-Involved Shooting Leads to Questions about Walking Cane

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North Little Rock, AR – Wednesday afternoon a fight on a bus led to a deadly shooting in North Little Rock.  According to police, Robert Storay, 52, was causing a disturbance on a Central Arkansas Transit bus when 911 was called.  When an officer arrived a struggle started between Storay and the cop. 

Sgt. Brian Dedrick from the NLR PD said, “The individual started to attack the officer with an object that appeared to be a cane.”

The veteran NLR officer shot and killed Storay. 

As the investigation continues, we started doing some digging of our own.  We found a long criminal history report for Robert J. Storay and a lawsuit against the City of Little Rock. 

The suit said Storay “went into his home and emerged a short time later with a black walking cane”. 

The suit added, “(He) Threatened them (officers) with the cane.”

The suit was found in favor of the City of Little Rock. 

Reverend Benny Johnson said he was a classmate of Storay, and that Robert was a jovial guy, “The Robert Storay I know was very outgoing, very happy, he loved to joke around and play, in fact I never saw Robert even mad.”

He found the news of his passing difficult to take, “When I found out it was my classmate it hurt even more.”

Rev. Johnson said the pain cut deeper because of a cane, “It’s very troublesome to me that you have a man with a cane and he ends up dead.”

The investigation will continue and the walking cane may be a key piece of evidence. 

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