Officers honored with medals after saving man’s life

LITTLE ROCK, AR – “You know we were just, I mean we were doing what we do,” Officers Scott Dettmer and Rob Bell explained. “I mean, what anybody does.”

Don’t let the humility fool you. Not anybody would do what Dettmer and Bell did, which was run into a burning home to save a life.

“We were trying to find a way in,” the officers said. “It was very difficult to try and find a way in, but we ended up staying outside the house and pulling him out through a window.”

Little Rock Police awarded Dettmer and Bell Medals of Merit for saving Antione Perkins’ life.

“I wouldn’t even be here having this conversation with you if it wasn’t for the firemen and the policemen and just the fast reactions, you know?” Perkins said. “I just thank everybody that came to my rescue.”

“I think it kinda puts me in check,” Dettmer said, when asked how Perkin’s comments made him feel. “Makes you realize sometimes you take a lot of things for granted.”

And here’s one more thing the officers say they took for granted now that they’ve played the role of firefighter – their own jobs.

“Just glad that everybody made it out ok,” the officers said. “Because we don’t do the fire thing every day. We didn’t like it.”

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