Officials: Kill the wild hogs please

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Kill the wild hogs is what state game and fish leaders want people to do.

Today, officers demonstrated ways to trap wild hogs using only a few materials.

“Hogs are very aggressive. They are smart and they are aggressive, which makes them a little bit harder to trap,” said Arkansas Wildlife Removal owner Justin Orick.

Wild hogs are so smart, if trapped and not killed quickly, they can escape.

“You get one hog on the bottom and he is just a step ladder for the next one. They will go up about 4 or 5 deep and all of a sudden, they are going over the top. I don’t know how they do it. But once one breaks the top, he pulls everyone with him,” said Jon House of USDA Wildlife Services.

Game and fish officers say one reason why the population is growing is become some people are feeding them. Wildlife leaders say there aren’t a lot of animals that can eat a hog, unless the hog is very young. But once it gets big, there is not much nature can do.

“That contributes to the growing population also. Once they get pass the young of the year stage, there’s not a lot out there that can take care of them,” said House.

So that’s where humans come into the picture.

“When you get them, go ahead and shoot them and harvest them and then you can take them to your local processor,” said Jim Pennington of Arkansas Game and Fish.

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