Older Conway man scammed out of $44,000


CONWAY, Ark. – An older man is defrauded out of tens of thousands of dollars. Now, Conway Police is investigating the good old fashion phone scam. 

According to a police report, someone claiming to be the 86-year-old victim’s grandson called him saying he got into an accident in New York. He claimed he was going to jail because he hit a pregnant woman. The man needed to send his attorney “James Johnson” $30,000. 

The report goes on to say, “James called him and stated that the pregnant female lost her child and that his grandson was going to have to pay another $14,500 for hospital bills before his grandson could be released from jail.” 

Before reporting it to police, the man was scammed three times, totaling  $44,500.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says her office hears about cases like this all too often and reminds people to not fall for it. 

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking because this gentleman, just like so many, they want to help family,” Rutledge said. “Grandparents, if you get a call and it’s someone saying they are a grandchild, please call another family member and verify that information.” 

Rutledge says if you are scammed like this, contact your local law enforcement then contact her office. 

For more information about scams, visitarkansasag.gov/consumer-protection/common-scams

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