Online Childbirth classes spike in popularity amidst COVID-19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — As COVID-19 is rearranging many things in our day to day lives, one thing that cannot be rescheduled is your due date.

Parents preparing for the big day now have the option to take childbirth classes or newborn care classes online.​

“It changed drastically,” said Johni Beth Teague, RN at Baptist Health Medical Center.​

During a typical week at Baptist Health Medical Center, you may see more cars parked in this lot as parents are inside taking a childbirth class or newborn care class. However since COVID-19 hit Little Rock, those classes were forced to go online.​

“Obviously birth still happens, couples still want the education and want the curriculum,” said Teague.​

Johni Beth Teague is a registered nurse at Baptist Health and she has been teaching the childbirth class for more than a year.​

Now that the class is online, it hasn’t slowed down one bit.​

“None of the couples are canceling and all of the classes have remained full,” said Teague.​

Teague said parents taking this class will go through slide shows and watch videos on breathing, labor positions and what to expect.​

Plus, one added video is a virtual tour of the hospital.​

The class also spends some time talking about how COVID-19 could affect your delivery.​

“They want to know what the rules are as far as who can be at the delivery. We ensure the couples that this can change day by day,” said Teague. ​

Teague said the main difference with this hands-on class is that parents cant demonstrate what they learn.​

However, online also has its advantages.​

“In the face to face classroom people don’t want to ask questions so I think its facilitated couples asking more questions,” said Teague. ​

Teague said classes may stay an online option for couples since its been so successful.​

To see what classes are being offered, click here.

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