Online class preparing students to enter the workforce


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Students at Bentonville West High School and Searcy High School are getting ready to enter the workforce, through a virtual class called ‘Practical Pursuit Making Professional Possible.’

“They love it and so its been cool to see them engage,” said Brandon Lynch, Internship coordinator at Bentonville West High School.​

Students are learning a variety of skills that will prepare them for landing a job after graduation.​

“What an elevator speech is and how to create a network and how to dress. So some of the information may seem basic but what we have learned over the years as educators are not all of it is basic,” said Lynch.​

Brandon Lynch is the Internship Coordinator in Bentonville and baseball coach. He said his students are really enjoying this course.​

“As soon as I posted the first assignment I had three responses from my kids saying Coach Lynch this is cool,” said Lynch.​

The courses range from creating a resume, to how to dress and networking. ​

Then the students send back a Tik Tok video modeling the lesson.​

“It’s been cool to see them engaged and have the opportunity to get some good information,” said Lynch.​

Founder of the course, Harrison Carpenter said these lessons may seem basic but it’s not. ​

Most of the students are hearing these tips for the first time.​

“They don’t have a lot of this stuff when they leave high school and I don’t really know why,” said Harrison Carpenter, Owner of Practical pursuit making professional possible.​

This is why Carpenter and Lynch said this class is so important for students heading into the working world. ​

“I tell them all the time and they get sick of hearing it but you have an opportunity to get a leg up and you’ve got to get a leg up somewhere,” said Lynch.​

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