PINE BLUFF, AR — A week after Pine Bluff police raid Dr. Larry Amos’ home in search for his missing employee Cleashindra Hall FOX16 News uncovers statements he gave investigators more than 17 years ago when she disappeared..

In a taped interview transcribed by police, Amos said Clea came to work at 5:30 on May 9, 1994. He said Clea left at 8:30, documented by her time sheet.  Amos told detectives he didn’t know she left until he heard the garage door close.

In a written report, Amos’ wife Patricia said, “It was odd that she left without telling either of us.”

Clea’s mom Laurell agrees.

“It wasn’t like her to just leave and not say ‘I’m gone.’ She has never done that,” said Laurell Hall.

Later that night, Laurell recalls her husband waking her up and asking for Clea.  After she realized Clea hadn’t called for a ride home, Laurell called Amos.

“I’m like who did she leave with and he said ‘I don’t know. I know she left at 8:30 but let me check her timesheet.'”

The next day, Amos left town and returned the weekend.  He apparently felt the heat from community chatter.

He told detectives “Would the rumor by the fact I caught a plane to go where I was scheduled to go anyway, folks got it that i got rid of her and left town.”

“What is it so urgent that short of life and death which is what it was to me that he would need go out of town?” said Laurell.

Police searched Amos’ house back in 19-94, but more extensively last week. This after people who claimed to have worked on Amos’ house came forward. One described a horrible smell and noticed flies around a spot. Another person said he saw blood splattered on the insulation.

“It saddens me that people had information that was enough, significant enough to get a search warrant but they didn’t come forward 18 years ago,” said Laurell.

Police removed four items in brown paper bags from the house, but won’t tell us what they are. Those items are at the state crime lab for processing.

The Halls await the outcome, as so does the community.