Outreach Center Hoping for a Christmas Miracle


SHANNON HILLS, Ark – A local non-profit is partnering with another group in the area to help out more families in need, but the non-profit is also in need of its own Christmas miracle. 

Each week Healing Waters Outreach Center provides meals to more than 200 families. The families are also able to use fake money to buy free things at Healing Water’s General Store.  

“Our families are given $30 worth of Healing Waters money that they get to spend in the store,” Volunteer Karen Spears said. 

The store has everything from shaving cream to cough drops and even Burt’s Bees Chapstick. 

“Things that they may not be able to purchase throughout the week,” Spears said. 

The center receives shipments of donations each week. With the help of CalArk Trucking and First Recovery Towing, volunteers are able to receive the items, but next year, Healing Waters is partnering with Good 360, where it will be receiving shipments every day of the week. 

“We will be picking up from Walmart stores, 8 of them within our area,” Spears said. “We’ll be able to serve more non-profits, our families. We’ll be able to distribute even more than what we’re able to do now.”

While this all sounds like good news, there is one large issue. 

“We’re in need of a bob truck,” Spears said. 

In order to qualify for the partnership with Good 360, Healing Waters needs a bob truck by March. Since Healing Waters is a non-profit ran by donations, it’s something the outreach center can’t afford to buy. 

“I’m just hoping that somewhere down the road that somebody’s going to be able to help us with this truck because right now that is one of the requirements. We do have to have a truck in place before we can move forward,” Spears explained. 

Healing Waters is now hoping for its own Christmas miracle, so it can continue blessing others in the Little Rock area. If you would like to help Healing Waters, you can call Karen Spears at 501-650-4753.

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